Staff Build Engineer


1 year ago


We are looking for a highly motivated Staff Build Engineer. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly on the build infrastructure for data execution frameworks that are bringing compute into the heart of the Apache Arrow project. You will work closely with Voltron Data development teams to build, optimize and maintain our build system, adding new features, making it work across different toolchains, languages, platforms and even contributing to automate the build system for the new core architectural components that will enable the engine to run on 100s of Terabytes.

Why work at Voltron Data?

  • We are Going for Impact: We are a Series A, venture-backed startup assembling a global team to build a new foundation for data analytics with Apache Arrow. This foundation will usher in a wave of innovation in data processing that can take full advantage of the speed and efficiency offered by modern hardware.
  • We are Committed to Bridging Open Source Communities: We are a collection of open source maintainers who have been driving open source ecosystems over the last 15 years, particularly in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems.
  • We are Building a Diverse, Inclusive Company: We are creating a representative, equitable, and respectful workplace that prioritizes employee growth. Everyone at Voltron Data is bought into the company’s success; all voices are critical to shaping the organization’s future.


Below is a rough timeline of where you can expect to be at different points during your career path starting in this position.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Developing and supporting internal software configuration and deployment tools including software build, continuous integration, and release automation.
  • Improving and maintaining third-party dependencies.
  • Improving development workflows for developers.
  • Providing direct support to developers to help solve configuration and build related problems.

Upon Joining:

  • Spending time learning different key components and their development lifecycle.
  • Learning and embracing the Apache development process.

Within a month:

  • Diving into the current build infrastructure and the toolchains for each component.
  • Learning about the build dependencies for and between each component.
  • Improving the build infrastructure for key components.
  • Learning about the release pipelines and the key artifacts.
  • Diving into the Continuous Integration systems.

Within 6 months:

  • Enabling the build infrastructure to target different hardware and different dependency requirements while also minimizing the burden on CI pipelines.
  • Understanding the packaging and deployment requirements for the engine and other services.

Within 12 months:

  • Building relationships with developers across the organization, and identify current and future needs.
  • Optimizing software builds for the all the components.

Previous experience that could be helpful:

  • Experience with C/C++ build systems (CMake, bazel, Meson, Make, Autotools, etc.)
  • Experience with packaging systems (conda, nix, rpm, deb, etc.)
  • Working with scripting languages (Python, bash, etc.)
  • Familiarity with building and packaging systems for Python, Java, Rust, Go, R, etc.

**US Compensation -**The salary range for this role is between $167,000-$210,000. This information reflects a base salary range for this position based on current market data, and may vary by location. Exact compensation will be determined by the candidates' skills, experience, and other relevant factors. This position is also eligible for additional incentives such as equity awards.