Backend Engineer, Data Stores: Global Search


1 month ago


An overview of this role

TheGlobal Search team is focused on bringing world-class search experience to GitLab SaaS and self-managed customers. We empower our users with advanced text and code searches. We are exploring bringing in the latest AI technologies to provide an even better search experience and results. In this role, you will use Ruby on Rails, GoLang, search engines like Elasticsearch and Zoekt, PostgreSQL, and AI technologies to develop GitLabโ€™s core search functionalities. At the same time, you will also be advising other development teams on best practices for leveraging Global Search capabilities (e.g. indexing and searching various product feature contents).

Some examples of our projects:

What Youโ€™ll Do

  • Building best-in-class search experience for GitLab customers and users
  • Improve and implement our indexing and searching strategies
  • Own architecture, performance, and scaling of the GitLab search solutions with Elasticsearch and other search engines.
  • Build responsive and scalable services and APIs
  • Self-managed installation mechanisms

What Youโ€™ll Bring

  • Strong professional work experience in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Proficient in Golang or willing to learn on the job.
  • Elasticsearch or other search engine experience - modeling, processing, nodes, index management, and performance tuning.
  • Experience with Retrieval-Augmented Generation and Vector databases is preferred
  • Understand Database principles and optimization mechanisms, especially PostgreSQL.
  • Understand system internals, distributed systems, and high availability principles.
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm is preferred.
  • Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal.
  • Self-motivated and self-managing, with strong organizational skills.
  • Share a set of GitLab values and work in accordance with those values.
  • Experience working with a remote team or ability to thrive in a fully remote organization.
  • Passionate about/experienced with open source and developer tools.
  • Work experience in product companies.

About the team

Global Search team is a group of backend and frontend engineers who are passionate about adopting the latest search technologies to help GitLab users find the information they need. The team members are distributed across the globe but they share the GitLab Values. Please take a look at our team page and our roadmaps to learn more about the team.

How GitLab will support you

Please note that we welcome interest from candidates with varying levels of experience; many successful candidates do not meet every single requirement. Additionally, studies have shown that people from underrepresented groups are less likely to apply to a job unless they meet every single qualification. If you're excited about this role, please apply and allow our recruiters to assess your application.