Open Source Ecosystem Developer Advocate


2 months ago


We are looking for a highly motivated developer advocate to work on the open source initiatives at Voltron Data, with an initial focus on Substrait ( and Arrow ( ecosystem. In this role, you’ll be the champion for our users and help make Ibis useful for their jobs. You’ll work closely with the engineering, product, and marketing teams to engage users, contributors, and partners.

Why work at Voltron Data?

  • We are Going for Impact: We are a Series A, venture-backed startup assembling a global team to build a new foundation for data analytics with Apache Arrow. This foundation will usher in a wave of innovation in data processing that can take full advantage of the speed and efficiency offered by modern hardware.
  • We are Committed to Bridging Open Source Communities: We are a collection of open source maintainers who have been driving open source ecosystems over the last 15 years, particularly in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems.
  • We are Building a Diverse, Inclusive Company: We are creating a representative, equitable, and respectful workplace that prioritizes employee growth. Everyone at Voltron Data is bought into the company’s success; all voices are critical to shaping the organization’s future.

You will be doing some or all of the following:

  • Understand users, use cases, and the ecosystems around Arrow and Substrait.
  • Create content demonstrating the power of Arrow and Substrait, including but not limited to documentation, demos, tutorials, blog posts, and short-form content.
  • Speak about Arrow, Substrait and other open source projects and products from Voltron Data at conferences.
  • Engage with users through different channels, including but not limited to GitHub, Stack Overflow, and chat apps like Slack.
  • Gather feedback from Arrow and Substrait users and use this feedback to inform the product roadmap.
  • Contribute to the development of Substrait.
  • + anything that you think would be helpful for the community!


  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts to diverse audiences.
  • Familiarity with data engineering and data analytics.
  • Experience working with and/or contributing to open source projects and communities.
  • Experience hosting and speaking at events.
  • Familiarity with dataframe APIs such as pandas, Polars, Dask, PySpark, and Ibis.
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams.

Ideally, you are familiar with one or several of the following…

  • You’re an existing Arrow or Substrait user.
  • You’ve worked as a Developer Advocate, Technical Community Manager, or Product Manager for open source projects.
  • You’ve worked with distributed data processing engines such as Spark.
  • You’re familiar with data warehouse and data lakehouse platforms such as Snowflake and Databricks or services from cloud vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • You’ve managed a blog or other publication with technical posts from multiple authors.
  • You’ve produced technical video tutorials.

US Compensation -  The salary range for this role is between $145,000.00 to $195,000.00. We have a global market-based pay structure which varies by location. Please note that the base pay range is a guideline and for candidates who receive an offer, the exact base pay will vary based on factors such as actual work location, skills and experience of the candidate. This position is also eligible for additional incentives such as equity awards.